National Press Club

  • South African Politics
    South African Politics

    December 5, 1991

    Nelson Mandela, leader of the African National Congress, a South African political party, held a press conference in the National Press Club to discuss his visit to the U.S. and the political situation in South Africa. Mr. Mandela had met with President Bush at the White House earlier in the…

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  • Democratic Challenge in 1992 Elections
    Democratic Challenge in 1992 Elections

    December 2, 1991

    Senator-Elect Wofford addressed a National Press Club luncheon to discuss the factors that allowed him to win a Pennsylvania Senate seat in a hotly contested race against former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh in November, 1991. He claimed voter dissatisfaction with the Republican administration's handling of domestic issues contributed to his…

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  • U.S.-Argentina Relations
    U.S.-Argentina Relations

    November 15, 1991

    Carlos Menem, president of Argentina, addressed the National Press Club on U.S.-Argentina relations. He spoke to the National Press Club during his visit to Washington, in which he also addressed a joint session of Congress and was received at the White House with military honors. He also signed an investment…

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  • Arnett Fourth Estate Award
    Arnett Fourth Estate Award

    November 14, 1991

    Each year the National Press Club honors an outstanding journalist at the annual Fourth Estate Award Dinner. This year's recipient is CNN correspondent Peter Arnett, who reported from Baghdad during the Persian Gulf War. Mr. Arnett described his career as a journalist and his experiences as the only American journalist…

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  • Quebec Opposition
    Quebec Opposition

    November 13, 1991

    Mr. Parizeau talked about the state of politics in Canada and the future of the province of Quebec.

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  • Efforts of the Constitutional Commission
    Efforts of the Constitutional Commission

    November 12, 1991

    Retired Chief Justice Burger addressed the National Press Club on the Bill of Rights, the constitutional separation of powers, the nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas, and the work of the Commission on the Constitution's Bicentennial, which he chairs. Justice Burger was nominated chief justice by President Richard Nixon, and sat…

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  • Access to Higher Education Funds
    Access to Higher Education Funds

    November 6, 1991

    Rep. Ford discussed the need for increased college aid for middle income families. During his speech, Congressman Ford talked about his proposed higher education bill which would provide additional aid for students. Rep. Ford is the Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee.

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  • Economic Policy in the Presidential Campaign
    Economic Policy in the Presidential Campaign

    November 4, 1991

    Senator Kerrey, currently serving his first term in the U.S. Senate, announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the presidency on September 30. He discussed his proposals to improve the nation's economy in a speech before the National Press Club, and responded to questions from the audience following his…

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  • Oliver North's Perspective
    Oliver North's Perspective

    October 31, 1991

    Lieutenant Colonel North spoke to members of the National Press Club about the Iran-Contra affair, focusing on his tenure as a security council aide during the Reagan administration and his five years of legal battle that recently ended when all remaining charges against him were dropped. The former Marine has…

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  • Soviet Agriculture
    Soviet Agriculture

    October 29, 1991

    Secretary of Agriculture Edward Madigan discussed the state of Soviet agriculture in remarks delivered to the National Press Club. Earlier, in a joint news conference with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, President Bush had announced the possibility of sending food aid to the Soviet Union in response to that nation's economic…

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