National Press Club

  • Journalism in the United States
    Journalism in the United States

    March 16, 1992

    Mr. Rather addressed the Press Club on the condition of journalism and freedom of the press in the United States. Prior to Mr. Rather's speech, Mr. Kham was presented with the National Press Club's International Freedom of the Press award. Ms. Bauer accepted the National Freedom of the Press award.…

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  • Public Figures, Private Lives, and the Press
    Public Figures, Private Lives, and the Press

    March 16, 1992

    The Smithsonian Institution and the National Press Club co-sponsored the seventh annual Freedom of the Press program, a forum on the relationship between the media and public figures. Several media and political analysts discussed the extent to which the private lives of political and other public figures should be made…

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  • The U.S. Economy
    The U.S. Economy

    March 12, 1992

    Secretary Brady addressed guests and reporters concerning the U.S. economy. Topics included the U.S. economy compared to that of other leading nations, the importance of increasing technology, the role of government in the economy, and possible government reforms to improve the economy.

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  • Artistic Freedom
    Artistic Freedom

    March 10, 1992

    Mr. Brook spoke on the role of art and the importance of artistic freedom. He described the anti-authoritarian and anti-governmental nature of theater and stage performance, and talked about the need for art sponsorship that is free of political restraints.

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  • Tax Cut Legislation
    Tax Cut Legislation

    March 4, 1992

    Senator Bentsen is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee which held a hearing yesterday on a proposal for tax cuts and economic growth legislation. He spoke to the Press Club on this proposed legislation and efforts to revive the U.S. economy.

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  • Status of Social Security
    Status of Social Security

    March 3, 1992

    Commissioner King talked about the special problems of the Social Security system and her attempts to solve them with modern. She also confronted some of the myths about Social Security.

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  • Bulgarian Prime Minister Speech
    Bulgarian Prime Minister Speech

    March 2, 1992

    The new prime minister of Bulgaria discussed the situation in Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War. Mr. Dimitrov took office in November 1991 after his coalition party, the Union of Democratic Forces, won a majority of parliamentary elections.

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  • America's Cities
    America's Cities

    February 28, 1992

    Mayor Flynn talked about the presidential candidates and their proposals for helping America's urban areas. He also described ways in which cities can increase their political influence during the election year and beyond. Mayor Flynn is president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

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  • China's New Emperors
    China's New Emperors

    February 25, 1992

    Mr. Salisbury, author of The New Emperors, talked about the changes which have taken place within the Chinese leadership over the last forty years Mr. Salisbury won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of international affairs.

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  • Situation in El Salvador
    Situation in El Salvador

    February 24, 1992

    Mr. Christiani discussed the ongoing peace process in El Salvador. If the current cease fire in El Salvador remains successful, it will end a twelve year civil war.

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