National Press Club

Jan. 19 NPC Statement Regarding Inaugural Event

Jeffrey Ballou | January 19, 2017

Dear members and guests,

As you are aware, we have a private client very much in the news holding an event on January 19th in support of the 45th President-elect of the United States.

Some weeks back, my predecessor wrote a column laying out pretty much everything that could truly be said about it.

So I simply repost it here with the emphasis that, as Tommy’s former Vice President, he kept me and the board in the loop on this matter and my view has not changed.

Please read it knowing that there is historic precedent, D.C. law (the same that prohibits bakeries from discriminating against the LGBTQ community) and the First Amendment, all which green lights tonight’s non-club-hosted or endorsed event.

Do know, that if anything happens in our facility, whether we host it or not (we are not in this case) that we, the building and law enforcement believes will harm our members and guests, we will not proceed.

The client as of this writing has not breached that protocol.

Thank you,