National Press Club

A Goal for All Members: The 2014 President’s Club

Myron Belkind | March 14, 2014

With the publication of this column today, we are launching a new initiative: the NPC President’s Club Member-Get-A-Member campaign.

The goal is to increase our membership and to monetarily reward and recognize those members who are most successful in recruiting new members.

The campaign also will feature the first ever NPC Committee Membership Recruitment Campaign, with the committee that brings in the most new members receiving a reception in its honor.

To become a member of the President’s Club, all you have to do is recruit three new members this year, going back to January 2014. Indeed we have a number of members who already have recruited two new members in the first two months of the year and are just one member away from being among the charter members of the President’s Club.

Admission to the President’s Club will be on a rolling basis (just like some college admissions): Each month, as the Board of Governors approves new membership applications, those members who become eligible for the President’s Club will be recognized in the Wire and online at They will receive a President’s Club pin so that they can be identified easily at the Club.

The top three recruiters in 2014 will receive the following prizes, which will be announced at the annual Vivian Awards reception next January:

1st Place - $500 NPC gift certificate
2nd Place - $200 NPC gift certificate
3rd Place - $100 NPC gift certificate

Special prizes also will be given for members who recruit the most young members or foreign correspondents.

The gift certificates can be used for any purpose in the Club, including paying your dues.

Every time you see a President’s Club pin, we hope you will be encouraged to strive for your own.

The full details of the President Club’s Member-Get-A-Member Campaign are available here.

To participate in the President Club’s campaign, please sign up by contacting Recruitment Manager Allyson Cannon at

Please note it is important that every member you recruit should ensure that you are listed as their member sponsor on their application.

Finally, I wish to recognize our membership department under the direction of Melinda Cooke and assisted by Allyson Cannon, the recruitment manager, for this initiative.