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Willie Geist of 'Morning Joe' raps with Dad Bill of 'CBS Morning Show' on their joint book

June 8, 2014 | By Joe Motheral |

Father and son duo Bill Geist, of "CBS Sunday Morning Show," and Willie Geist, of "Morning Joe," and the "Today Show" discussed their joint book, "Good Talk Dad: The Birds and the Bees..and Other Conversations we forgot to Have," at a book rap June 5.

Bill explained the later part of the title, “I couldn’t figure out why birds and bees to start with. They were backyard creatures.” Then he learned that, “Bees mate with the queen bee then drop dead.” He says he told Willy that a couple months ago.

They agreed that they bonded over sports but Bill insisted, “No tennis or golf. Too much of a clubby set.It would be baseball or football." And as they were watching a game together, Bill said, “Would you like to talk about sex?” Willie replied, “Do we have any pretzels?”

The banter continued through the afternoon in an interview-style format conducted by Barbara Cochran, chair of the National Press Club Journalism Institute Board.

Bill Geist, who was a combat photographer in Vietnam, has been a mainstay on the "CBS Sunday Morning Show" for several years and has endured the progression of Parkinson’s Disease for 22 years. His son, Willie is the third hour's anchor on the "Today Show" and hosts MSNBC’s "Morning Joe." According to Willie his dad never pushed him toward a career in journalism or television, but he found on his own that he liked it. He started on his college newspaper and became a TV producer before entering the stage, he said.

Willie described their philosophy on humor of never making fun of other people. Indeed based on the laugh filled afternoon, they poked fun at themselves but not others.

Jan King of the Book and Author Committee introduced the participants in the book rap. Sale of the books and entry fees support the National Press Club Journalism Institute