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This Week In National Press Club History: President Hoover joins Club, Woodrow Wilson speaks

May 14, 2014 | By Elizabeth Smith Brownstein |

President Hoover at the National Press Club

President Hoover at the National Press Club

Photo/Image: Harris & Ewing

MAY 11, 1921: President Herbert Hoover becomes a member of the National Press Club, and remains a long-time supporter and dues-paying member. His last appearance comes 33 years later and draws a huge crowd.

MAY 11, 1964:
Women correspondents are allowed to report from the Ballroom floor during National Press Club luncheons, but the decision is reversed 10 days later.

MAY 17, 1995: NAACP chairwoman Myrlie Evers-Williams speaks at a Club luncheon about affirmative action at educational institutions and the legacy of her late husband, civil rights activist Medgar Evers.

MAY 14, 1996: Andrew Young, formerly one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s senior lieutenants, congressman from Georgia, U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations and now chairman of the National Task Force on African-American Men and Boys, reviews findings from a survey on the subject.

MAY 14, 2007: Tony Snow, White House press Secretary and veteran CBS reporter Bob Schieffer, go head to head in the Club’s first "Battle of the Bands" (later dubbed “Journopalooza”). Schieffer’s “Honky Tonk Confidential” loses to Snow, who is presented the “Crawlin King Snake” trophy.

MAY 16, 1916: President Woodrow Wilson speaks about the bloody, ongoing war in Europe and scolds the press for “remarks that start fires.” As he prepares to run for a second term on a peace platform, he calls for a “disinterested” press that has “no axes to grind,” that “will divest themselves of party passion and of personal preference and will try to think in terms of America.”

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