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Wednesday's Newmaker to focus on sanctuary cities

December 11, 2016 | By Tony Gallo |

The practice of some U.S. cities to protect unauthorized immigrants from federal immigration authorities is the topic of a National Press Club Newsmaker at noon on Wednesday.

The speakers will be Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies and William Stock of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The event will take place in the Bloomberg Room.

Vaughan said so-called sanctuary cities present a significant public safety problem as more than 15,000 criminal aliens that U.S. Customs and Immigration sought to deport were instead released into the general population.

On the other hand, Stock opposed efforts to penalize municipalities that refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities, He said the federal government cannot commandeer state and local resources for federal immigration law enforcement without the states’ agreement.

Like all Newsmakers events, this news conference is open to credentialed media and NPC members, free of charge. For more information, contact Tony Gallo at 202-544-6973, or