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Watch Jason Rezaian press freedom readings right now

December 3, 2015 | By John Hughes |

The National Press Club is reading Jason Rezaian articles for 24 consecutive hours today to draw attention to the Washington Post reporter's 500 days of detention in Iran.

The event began at 7 a.m. today (Friday) and will continue until 7 a.m. Saturday. You can watch right now by clicking here.

Members can also watch the readings live at the Bloomberg Room in the Club during normal operating hours.

The schedule of Club members and journalists who will read is:

  • 7a-8a: John Hughes, Bloomberg (President of the National Press Club)
  • 8a-9a: John Donnelly, CQ, (Chair of NPC Press Freedom Committee)
  • 9a-9:30a: Noel St. John, NPC Photography and Press Freedom Committees
  • 9:30a-10a: Sam Stein, The Huffington Post
  • 10a-10:30a: Adam Konowe, Vice Chair of NPC Broadcast Committee
  • 10:30-11a: Douglas Jehl, The Washington Post
  • 11a-11:30a: Margaux Ewen, Reporters Without Borders
  • 11:30-12p: Sarah Kauffman, The Washington Post
  • 12p-1p: Thomas Burr, Salt Lake Tribune, NPC Vice President
  • 1p-2p: Derek Wallbank, Bloomberg
  • 2p-2:30p: Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian
  • 2:30-3p: Rem Reider, USA Today
  • 3p-3:30p: Anna Miller, US News and World Report
  • 3:30p-4p: Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan, The Washington Post
  • 4p-4:30p: Nikki Schwab, Daily Mail Online
  • 4:30p-5:30p: Jay Solomon, The Wall Street Journal
  • 5:30p-6p: Michael Lindenberger, Dallas Morning News
  • 6p-6:30p: Irv Chapman, Bloomberg
  • 6:30p-7p: Bonnie Benwick The Washington Post
  • 7p-8p: Rachel Oswald, CQ, vice chair of NPC Press Freedom Committee
  • 8p-9p: Tyler Crowe, Co-Chair, NPC International Correspondents Committee
  • 9p-9:30p: Angela Greiling Keane, Bloomberg, former NPC president
  • 9:30-10p: Erik Wemple, The Washington Post
  • 10p-11p: Joe Morton, Omaha World Herald, NPC secretary
  • 11p-12a: Glenn Marcus, NPC Press Freedom Committee
  • 12a-1a: Julia Pyper, Greentch Media, Co-Chair, NPC Young Members Committee
  • 1a-2a: Glenn Marcus, NPC Press Freedom Committee
  • 2a-4a: Bill McCarren, Executive Director, National Press Club
  • 4a-5a: Aaron Davis, The Washington Post
  • 5a-7a: Ferdous Al-Faruque, Gray Sheet

Conclusion with John Hughes, President of the National Press Club

Other reporters being detained around the world, including Austin Tice and Khadia Ismayilova, will also be discussed. Members can also follow the action on the Press Club's twitter feed, @PressClubDC, and elsewhere on Twitter and in social media.