National Press Club

Smart, critical coverage of the media should be entered in National Press Club contest

March 21, 2019 | By Will Lester |

The National Press Club is looking for the best critical coverage of the news business, which is increasingly important to the health of the industry.

The Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism honors the best coverage in 2018 of media issues. The award, part of the Club’s journalism contest, is sponsored by former U.S. News & World Report journalist Arthur Rowse. It honors excellence in examining the role and work of the news media. All entries must focus on critical coverage of journalistic practices or reporting on the industry, and must encourage responsible media behavior.

The winners in both print/online and broadcast divisions get a $1,000 prize. The entry can include up to 5 articles or broadcast stories and must be accompanied by a letter explaining the significance of the work and any subsequent actions resulting from its publication or airing.

The deadline to submit entries is April 15, and the contest is open to Club members and non-members. Offering entries is free for Club members and costs $60 for non-members.

Entries may be submitted online or by the more traditional method of mailing them in. For more information, click here. The address for postal entries is on the mail application form that you can download.

Winners will be honored at a dinner at the Club this summer.