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SCOTUSblog, Time, USA Today, ABC among National Press Club Journalism Award winners

July 3, 2013 | By Will Lester |

SCOTUSblog won the Breaking News Award for its coverage of the Supreme Court’s health care ruling, while Time Magazine’s Michael Scherer won a top award for political analysis this year in the National Press Club Journalism contest.

USA Today won awards for online journalism and its coverage of the aviation industry.

Scherer won the Lee Walczak Award for Political Analysis for his thorough look at the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama and its sophisticated use of technology to identify voters and donors.

The winners will be honored at an awards dinner Tuesday, Aug. 6, at the National Press Club. Reception begins at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. Click here to reserve your tickets.

ABC News won the Ann Cottrell Free Animal Reporting Award for its investigative look at what is required to achieve the high-stepping gait of Tennessee Walking Horses.

USA Today’s Peter Eisler and Alison Young won the Joan M. Friedenberg Online Journalism Award for their package “Ghost Factories,” which uncovered hundreds of forgotten lead factories and the health problems they can cause. Their USA Today colleague Bart Jansen won the Michael A. Dornheim Award for stories on air travel.

In the area of consumer reporting, The Chicago Tribune won in the newspaper category for its investigation on toxic flame retardants in furniture. Bloomberg’s Stephanie Armour, John Lippert and Michael Smith won in the periodical category for their thorough look at global food safety. PBS Frontline and the Center for Public Integrity won the broadcast award for their story “Dollars and Dentists,” which looks at the profit motive in dental care for seniors using Medicaid.

Roger Simon of Politico won the Angele Gingras Humor Award. Tommy Burr of The Salt Lake Tribune won the Washington Regional Reporting Award. Molly Ball of The Atlantic won the Sandy Hume Memorial Award for Excellence in Political Journalism.

The winner of the Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism was Paul Farhi of The Washington Post and the American Journalism Review for a variety of stories about the industry.

A team of reporters from The Wall Street Journal won the Edwin M. Hood Award for Diplomatic Correspondence for a series of stories on the attack of the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

The Joseph D. Ryle Award for Excellence in Writing on the Problems of Geriatrics went to Kay Lazar and Matt Carroll of the Boston Globe for "A Rampant Prescription, a Hidden Peril" - a look at the use of anti-psychotic drugs in nursing homes.

Michael Berens of The Seattle Times won the Free Animal Reporting award for print for his account of the zoo industry’s attempts to propagate captive elephants.

Christopher Castelli of Inside Washington Publishers won the Newsletter Journalism Award for coverage of U.S. national security policy on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan.

Those who received honorable mentions in this year’s contest:

- Walczak award: Kenneth P. Vogel, Steve Friess and Tarini Parti of Politico for their package of stories “The Billion Dollar Buy” -- a close look at political money in the 2012 campaign.

- Dornheim award: Alan Levin of Bloomberg News for his coverage of aviation issues such as air traffic controllers and leaded gas used in private airplanes.

- Ryle award: Eleanor Laise of Kiplinger’s Retirement Report for a series on confronting challenges in long-term care.

- Hume award: Julie Bykowicz of Bloomberg News for her campaign finance coverage.

- Friedenberg award: A team of Bloomberg News reporters for their package “Revolution to Riches.”

- Free Animal Reporting-print: Lee Bowman, Scripps-Howard News Service, for a special report on “No Kill” shelters.

- Free Animal Reporting-broadcast: KTNV-TV of Las Vegas for stories on animal trapping.

- Newsletter Journalism: Nathan Gonzales of The Rothenberg Political Report for campaign coverage, including the U.S. Senate race in North Dakota.

- Rowse Award: Michael Calderone of The Huffington Post for “Inside the Cult: Politico at a Crossroads.”

- Consumer Journalism-Broadcast: WITI Fox 6 News of Milwaukee for a look at victims of a tax preparation service that filed their returns without their knowledge.

- Consumer Journalism-Periodicals: The Center for Public Integrity for "Skin And Bone: The Shadowy Trade In Human Body Parts."

- Consumer Journalism-Print: Bloomberg's Peter Waldman and Sydney P. Freedberg “Profits Over Patients,” a look at profiteering in the medical business.