National Press Club

Satisfied Customers for NPC Online Voting

November 20, 2013

I want to send my profound thanks to the National Press Club for finally allowing members to vote online. As a member who lives overseas, there are very few benefits to continuing to pay annual dues and one of the biggest privileges is the right to vote.

When a member is not allowed to exercise his or her right to vote (because they live outside the Metro DC area or farther or because they may be bed-ridden), it dampens what the club stands for -- free expression, fraternity.

Those of us who practice the craft of journalism abroad and who love the club dearly, are jumping up and down! Thank you for hearing my concerns over the past two years.

- Alison Bethel McKenzie (Vienna, Austria), former NPC board member

I just voted too from Ireland, where I'm on vacation. I too experienced flawless voting from afar.

-- Angela Greiling Keane, President

I just voted in the National Press Club election -- from Beijing. (Yes, there is fair and free voting in China.) You should vote, too! Vote early everyone. It's a precious right that you shouldn't take for granted.

-- Rick Dunham, former President