National Press Club

Please Welcome 33 New NPC Members

May 20, 2009

The Board of Governors approved 33 new member applications Monday, bringing to 191 the total so far this year, compared to 155 for the same period last year.
The new members are:

Ligia Hougland - Terra Networks – Brazil, Correspondent; Hiroshi Ito - The Asahi Shimbun, Political Correspondent; Toshihiko Katsuda - The Asahi Shimbun, Political Correspondent; Bob Keefe - Atlanta Journal Constitution, Washington Correspondent; Hirotsugu Mochizuki - The Asahi Shimbun, Staff Writer; Yusuke Murayama - The Asahi Shimbun, Correspondent; Toshihiko Ogata - The Asahi Shimbun, Political Correspondent; Alisa Parenti - Georgetown School of Continuing Studies, Freelance Adjunct Professor, Journalist; Peter Semler - Merger Market (Financial Times), Washington Bureau Chief
Active Under 35
Bridget Johnson - The Hill/Capitol Hill Publishing Corporation, Web Editor
Active Under 30
Jeannette Kimmel - National Geographic Society, Editorial Business Coordinator; Rachel Oswald - Freelance Journalist
Active Non-Resident
Edwin B. Cohen, Solana Beach, CA - Global HR News Media Group, Editor and Publisher; Jonathan L. Fischer, Philadelphia, PA - The Bulletin, Art Editor; Alberto Villate, Yonkers, NY - El Aguila Del Hudson Valley, CTO Web Master
Joseph P. Cirone - U.S. Navy, The Waterline, Public Affairs Officer, Contributing Editor/Writer; Jonathan Cogan - Energy Information Administration, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Press Officer; Douglas R. Hecox - Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration, Acting Associate Administrator, Public Affairs; Thomas H. Newburg - George Mason University, Adjunct Professor, Freelance Journalist; Marsha Ralls - Children's PressLine, CEO and Publisher
Affiliate Reinstatement

Joelle Costello - WAMU 88.5 American University Radio, Manager, Fundraising Projects & Special Events
Matthew C. Armstrong -, Public Diplomacy Blogger; Riki Ellison - Missile Defense, Advocacy Alliance, Chairman & Founder; Tanya Gupta - World Bank/DC Examiner, Resource Management Officer/Writer; Maureen D. O'Connor - National Association of Manufacturers; Deborah S. Sigmund - Innocents at Risk, CEO, Founder
Associate Non-Resident
Ged Kenslea, N. Hollywood, CA - AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Communications Director, Contributing Editor; Howard "Mac" Thomson, Jackson, TN - The Jackson Sun, Construction, Contributing Columnist, Businessman
Associate Under 35
Tina Musoke – Africare, Media Relations Manager
Building Tenant
Brandon L. Fried - The Airforwarders Association, Executive Director
Jiitu Abraham - University of Maryland; Sara Beladi - UC Washington Center/NBC Universal,