National Press Club

Please Welcome 32 New NPC Members

July 21, 2009 | By Myron Belkind, Club secretary |

The Board of Governors approved 32 membership applications Monday, bringing
to 265 the total so far this year, compared to 243 for the same period last

The new members are:

Keiichi Homma - Yomiuri Shimbun, Journalist; Carrie Lynn Mitchell -
Federal News Service, Vice President of Operations; Kelly Nuxoll -
Freelance, Contributing Writer; Reiko Kamata Robertson - Freelance,
Journalist; Martin Sieff - Middle East Times, Columnist & Editorial
Board Member; Tejinder Singh - Freelance, Journalist; Emily Walker -
MedPage Today, Washington Correspondent; Jinglu Xu - New Tang Dynasty
Television, Reporter

Active Reinstate:
Lourdes B. Fernandez - BNA, Sr. Editor

Active Non-Resident:
Lin Grensing-Pophal, Chippewa Falls, WI - Freelance, Writer; Peggy
Kuhr, Missoula, MT - The University of Montana, Dean, School of
Journalism; Evelyn Nieves, San Francisco, CA - The Associated Press,
Reporter, San Francisco Bureau; Rita Watson, Providence, RI - Providence Journal/, Syndicated Blogger/Freelance Writer

Active Non-Resident Reinstate:
Tobin Beck, Seward, NE - Concordia University Nebraska, Associate
Professor, Journalism & Global Issues

Active Under 35:
Delphine Schrank - Freelance, Reporter, Foreign Correspondent

Active Under 30:
Lindsey Morgan Roberts - Freelance, Writer

Robert Scott Bolitho - Embassy of Australia, First Secretary - Public

Affiliate Non-Resident:
Barbara Ady, Palm Springs, CA - The Desert Sun (Gannett), Guest
Reporter/Consultant; Eric Green, Mount Kisco, NY - ELG Consulting,
Consulting Editor

Affiliate Under 35:
Michael Coren - Climate Focus, Forestry & Carbon Market Specialist

Joff Masukawa - Shire plc, Sr. Director, Government Relations/Public
Policy; Su-Lin Cheng Nichols - Newspaper Association of America, Sr.
Vice President, Communications

Associate Reinstatement:
Jack Dolan - American Council of Life Insurers, V.P. Media Relations

Associate Non-Resident:
George Harrison Gilliam, Charlottesville, VA - Miller Center of Public
Affairs, University of Virginia, Assistant Director for Public Programs;
D.H. Kerby, Philadelphia, PA - Poet/Freelance; Craig Andrew Pirtle,
Falmouth, VA - Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Financial Advisor

Associate Under 35:
Natasha Altamirano - Tax Foundation, Manager of Media Relations; Sara
Dabney Tisdale - Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life,
Assistant Editor

Building Tenant:
Corinna Gilfillan - Global Witness, Head of U.S. Office; Joseph Henchman
- Tax Foundation, Tax Counsel, Director of State Projects; Kail Merritt
Padgitt - Tax Foundation, Economist

Sean Honick - American University, Student