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NPC podcast features new radio show that connects U.S. to New Zealand

April 8, 2014 | By Mike Hempen |

The latest edition of Update-1, the National Press Club's podcast, features National Press Club member and Washington, D.C.-based journalist Victoria Gaither, who talks about her new radio show with Stu Frith, the founder of Sea Breeze FM in Himatangi Beach, New Zealand.

Club member Adam Konowe interviews Gaither on the doubts she had about the unconventional partnership and why the show has seen surprising popularity. The podcast also explores what the countries have in common and where they diverge(Hint: one of the ways can be found in between your toes during a walk on the beach).

Update-1 is produced by the Broadcast Committee. It provides a forum for listeners to learn about newsworthy stories either originating from the National Press Club or involving Press Club members. The show can be heard by clicking here.

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