National Press Club

NPC Hires Susan Delbert as Executive Chef

November 11, 2009

Susan Delbert

Susan Delbert

Photo/Image: Sam Hurd

Susan Delbert, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with wide restaurant experience, has been appointed executive chef and will oversee the Club's two restaurants.

Before coming to the Press Club, she served as a sous chef at the Old Ebbitt Grill, the nation’s sixth highest-grossing restaurant. Prior to her career in food service, Delbert was a tax attorney and a partner in a law firm. In addition, she served in Alaska as an assistant district attorney and an assistant state attorney general.

Delbert describes her cooking style as incorporating the freshest local ingredients, whether it’s wild salmon in Alaska or Silver Queen corn in Washington. Her style often has an Italian or Mediterranean slant.

General Manager Bill McCarren said Moe Aguilera, a 15-year veteran in the NPC kitchen, will be promoted to assistant executive chef.

"Moe served with distinction as the acting executive chef since April. He and Susan will make a formidable team," McCarren said.

Delbert is the first woman to hold the title at the Club and oversee its $5 million food and beverage operation.

Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema has already taken note. In his blog, Sietsema said:

"Before she applied to cook at the National Press Club, Susan Delbert had no idea there was a restaurant on the building's 13th floor. But now that she's been hired as executive chef of the 102-year-old organization, which includes the Fourth Estate dining room, she can tick off plenty of reasons you might want to book a table there."

You can read the rest of his piece at: