National Press Club

NPC Condemns Terrorist Attack on Peshawar's Press Club

December 23, 2009 | By Sylvia Smith

A suicide bomber on Dec. 22 detonated explosives at the gates of the Peshawar Press Club, killing a guard, the Club's accountant and a bystander and wounding at least 20 others. The Club in the northwest Paskistan city had received a series of threats in the month leading up to the suicide attack.

"The targeting of journalists who strive merely to report the truth to the public is unacceptable," National Press Club President Donna Leinwand said.

"We grieve along with Pakistani journalists for the lives lost. We know that our colleagues in Pakistan will continue to uphold the best principles of our profession even in the face of threats and violence. We commend them for their commitment to journalism," she said.