National Press Club

NPC applauds Senate bill to strengthen FOIA

March 19, 2010

The National Press Club lauded on Wednesday a bill soon to be introduced in the Senate that aims to speed up the processing of public requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act. Two senators who have long championed press freedom and open government legislation, Democrat Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont and Republican John Cornyn of Texas, unveiled the Faster FOIA Act.

The measure would set up an advisory commission that would make recommendations to Congress on ways to expedite the process of obtaining information from U.S. agencies.

"Freedom of information isn't free if it costs you years to obtain government documents," said Alan Bjerga, president of the National Press Club. "The delays can deter reporters from seeking data through the FOIA process, and they stem the flow of information to which the press and the public are entitled. Without knowing everything we need to know about what the government is up to, our democracy suffers."

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