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National Press Club's Update-1 podcast posts 100th edition

February 9, 2018 | By Bill McCloskey |

The National Press Club's podcast series has just posted its 100th edition.

Started in October 2013, Update-1 has hosted numerous guests, not all of them strictly connected to the Club, but all of them of interest to members and to the general public.

Volunteers from the Club record interviews. Club member Mike Hempen edits them and does post production to come up with a finished product that is available on the Club's website as well as on iTunes, Sticher and TuneIn.

"The podcast provides a forum for listeners to learn more about newsworthy stories originating from the Club’s facilities, as well as broader topics related to journalism, communications, freedom and transparency,” said contributor Adam Konowe, who also is a Club member.

Update-1 topics have included the 2016 election, the inherent conflict between journalists and spies, looks at how journalists do their jobs and the U.N.'s annual World Press Freedom Day. Update-1 is not limited to domestic events, in 2015 and again in 2017, the podcast was hosted from the Paris Air Show, the aviation industry's largest trade gathering.

Club members and others are encouraged to submit topics and guest ideas or conduct interviews for use on Update-1 by contacting Konowe ( or Hempen ( Both are co-vice chairs of the Club's Broadcast/Podcast Team that meets monthly for lunch at the Club. Participation on the team is open to all Club members. Invite yourself to a meeting by sending an email to Chairman Mark Hamrick at

Meetings are usually held at noon on the first Thursday of the month in the Reliable Source rooms.