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Member Gallo play to be staged by Dramatists Guild of America in Baltimore

January 17, 2016 | By Anthony Gallo |

Paul, a two act drama by member Anthony E. Gallo, will be staged on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 8 p.m. at the Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theater, 817 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD.

The Dramatists Guild of America, Baltimore Chapter, is the sponsor.

The play examines the complex and contradictory life of Christianity’s second leading theological architect through his Epistles, from Romans to Titus, and the writings of Josephus. Paul’s impact -- not only on the now two billion Christians around the world but tangentially on non-Christians as well -- is not disputed.

The play follows him from being a deeply religious Jewish leader, successful businessman, civic leader, and persecutor of fringe cults to becoming an apostle of the Nazarean following his epiphany on the road to Damascus. The narrative traces his conflicts with members of the new cult, then with his fellow disciples, the Romans, Greeks, Jewish leaders, his own family and friends, and the people he tries to convince. It asks if Paul’s spiritual conversion also resulted in personal character conversion.

Cast and crew: Tim Wolf, David Weaver, Julian Ball, Grant Bagley, John Starrels, Miles Benson, Roland Gomez, David McCallum, Beatrix Whitehall, Margaret Bagley, Shirl Weaver, Bunty Ketcham, Introduction-Brent Englar DGA, Baltimore Chapter Representative

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