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Maritime archaeologist plans to describe WWI German attacks off East Coast, March 14

March 2, 2019 | By Ken Dalecki |

Tane Casserley, a specialist in deepwater archaeology and sunken warships, plans to speak at an American Legion Post 20 meeting open to all National Press Club members at noon Thursday, March 14, in the McClendon Room.

A research coordinator for NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, Casserley will describe German submarine attacks along the U.S. East Coast during World War I. May 1918, when the German submarine U-151 started sinking ships off North Carolina, marked the first time since the War of 1812 that a hostile naval force entered U.S. waters

Casserley has led archeological expeditions in the mid-Atlantic, Florida Keys, Great Lakes and off the coasts of California, Alaska and Hawaii. He is a maritime archaeology graduate of the University of Hawaii, holding a masters degree in maritime studies from East Carolina University.

His discussion will precede a Post 20 luncheon business meeting.