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Louis Armstrong moves to top of iTunes Jazz after release of Club recording

May 2, 2012 | By Mark Schoeff Jr. |

Louis Armstrong climbed to the top position in the jazz section of iTunes the day after a recording of what is believed to be the music legend's final trumpet performance was released at a National Press Club news conference on April 27.

Armstrong, widely acclaimed as the best trumpet player of all time, staged his final concert at the Club on Jan. 29, 1971, about five months before his death. After his Club performance in front of 300 journalists and their enthusiastic guests, Armstrong made some public appearances but never sang and played the trumpet as he did that night.

The Armstrong recording was unveiled by NPC President Theresa Werner and Daniel Sheehy, Center for Folklife director at Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

They described the process that brought Armstrong's music, which so far has been heard by only a few hundred people, to the public and what it means for these institutions and their missions.

"I am very excited to share a part of our Club history with the world," Werner said. "Even after 40 years, Louis Armstrong's music can still bring a smile to peoples faces."

The news conference was followed by a panel discussion featuring music experts including Chris Royal, associate professor of music at Howard University and a trumpet player.

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Armstrong was in Washington in early 1971 to perform at the inauguration of then incoming Club President Vernon Louviere. Read more about "Satchmo at the National Press Club" here.