National Press Club

Journalism contest recognizes your best regional reporting

February 7, 2019 | By Will Lester |

The reporters who cover politicians and issues in Washington from a regional perspective are eligible for an award from the National Press Club's annual journalism contest. This $750 prize recognizes the work of Washington-based regional reporters who provide a clear understanding of events, issues and politics of importance to a city, state or region.

The Club, one of the nation’s leading journalism organizations, has a deadline of April 15 for its journalism contest. For details on awards categories and entering the contest click here. The fee is $60 per entry, with no charge for members. The awards will be given at a banquet this summer at the Club.

Entrants are encouraged to enter online, but if you prefer, the Club will accept mailed entries postmarked before the deadline. The contest includes awards for political reporting, international coverage, consumer reporting and online journalism. It also includes awards for areas such as reporting on the welfare of animals, coverage of the journalism industry, newsletter journalism, the aviation industry, problems facing the elderly and humor writing.