National Press Club

"He Will Be Missed," NPC President Says of Cronkite

July 20, 2009

NPC President Donna Leinwand issued this statement Friday upon the death of legendary newsman Walter Cronkite:

"Walter Cronkite, who joined the National Press Club in 1948, will be held up as the standard for great journalists for generations to come," NPC President Donna Leinwand said.

"In 1973, the National Press Club recognized Cronkite's enduring legacy when it awarded him its first Fourth Estate Award for extraordinary service to journalism. From his coverage of the Battle of the Bulge to his long tenure in the CBS News anchor chair, Walter Cronkite represented the best of American Journalism.

"He will be missed."

To see a series of photos and videos of Cronkite at the Club, visit

The Club is planning a panel discussion on Cronkite's career and contributions to American journalism.