National Press Club

Global points of view: International journalists discuss U.S. coverage, April 7

March 12, 2014 | By Alan Bjerga |

International journalists will share their experiences covering America from a perspective beyond its borders at the National Press Club at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 7 in the conference rooms.

``Global Points of View: How International Perspectives Shape U.S. Coverage'' explores how journalists for publications based outside the U.S. filter news differently from their domestic colleagues, creating professional demands and approaches to stories distinct from them.

What's important in a story, what knowledge is assumed, and what details are important to a critical reporter all changes that journalist's audience, and the journalists themselves come from different national backgrounds. The evening promises stimulating discussion on how a news narrative familiar to Americans may be very different overseas.

The event is open to all. No need to register or RSVP.

Exploring these issues are three international journalists, all members of the NPC.

Hideomi Kinoshita has since 2012 been the Washington Bureau Chief for Kyodo News, which distributes news to almost all newspapers, radio and television outlets in Japan. Along with the experience of coordinating coverage of President Obama, he has covered 10 Japanese prime ministers, giving him a strong sense of the contrasts of Japanese and U.S. politics. His degree in politics is from Gakushuin University in Tokyo, and he has worked with Kyodo since 1987.

Narayan Lakshman is the U.S. Correspondent of The Hindu, one of India's largest English-language daily newspapers, a position he has held since early 2010. He covers everything from immigration, healthcare and U.S. elections to the death penalty, from bilateral trade disputes to counter-terrorism cooperation. Laksman has economics degrees from the Universities of Delhi, India, and Cambridge, U.K., and a Ph.D. in Development Studies from the London School of Economics. His doctoral research on the politics of poverty alleviation has been published as a book, Patrons of the Poor, and he is also the Vice-Chair of the International Correspondents Committee at the National Press Club. You can find him on Twitter at @narlak

Kasia Klimasinska is an economics reporter covering the U.S. Treasury Department at Bloomberg News in Washington as well as the Washington correspondent for Polish BusinessWeek, giving her the challenge of writing for both domestic and foreign audiences, sometimes for the same event. After beginning her career in Warsaw, her first U.S. reporting position was for Bloomberg in Houston, where she covered the BP oil spill in 2010. She turned her experiences there, as a journalist and as an immigrant, into a Polish-language novel, the title of which, "Panna Huragan," translates to ``Miss Hurricane." Her master's degree in economics is from the Warsaw School of Economics. Her Twitter handle is @kklimasinska

Moderating the panel is Lisa Millar, who is the North America bureau chief for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Millar first arrived in Washington in December 2001, covering the post-September 11 challenges facing the country and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during her first Washington posting. After three years she returned to Australia to present and produce national radio and television news and current affairs programs. She returned to Washington in 2009, traveling from Rio to Ottawa to cover gun violence, the economy, obesity and politics. Lisa is a director on the board of the Asia Pacific Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma. Her Twitter handle is @lisamillar