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GE High-Efficiency, Smart Grid Appliances Featured at Newsmaker

July 27, 2009 | By Frank Maisano |

James Campbell, president and CEO of GE Consumer and Industrial

James Campbell, president and CEO of GE Consumer and Industrial

Photo/Image: Ben Keller

Smart grid-enabled appliances will usher in a revolution in the appliance industry, GE Consumer/Appliance CEO James Campbell said at a Newsmaker Thursday.

“I’ve been in the appliance business for nearly 30 years. I’ve seen many innovations and changes in the industry. Some have been nothing short of revolutionary,” he said.

Smart grid-enabled appliances "will enable us to use energy more wisely and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And, in the process, GE and other manufacturers will lead the way to a new era of U.S. technology leadership and create thousands of jobs that go with it,” he said.

Campbell said integrating appliances into the smart grid is critical because residential housing consumes 37% of the electricity produced in the US. Appliances, lighting and heating-cooling represent 82% of electricity consumed in the home. According to a recent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report, residential demand response programs can affect the largest potential reduction in U.S. peak demand.

Campbell also praised the House-passed climate bill for providing assistance through t he Best in Class Appliances Deployment Program. This program will provide incentives to appliance manufacturers to develop and manufacture these new demand response products.

At the Newsmaker, Campbell demonstrated s mart grid-enabled appliances that shave energy peaks for utility companies and save consumers money.