National Press Club

Dunn, Enoch Honored as Top NPC Volunteers

January 14, 2009

Frederica Dunn, co-recipient of the Club's top volunteerism award, with President Sylvia Smith

Frederica Dunn, co-recipient of the Club's top volunteerism award, with President Sylvia Smith

Photo/Image: John Bird

Remarks from President Sylvia Smith Tuesday evening as she presented the Berny Krug Award to the 2008 co-chairs of the Events Committee, Frederica Dunn and Joe Enoch:

If I heard it once, I heard it five dozen times: The Club is more lively this year. Whether that’s reality by a numbers count is irrelevant because our members clearly feel there’s more to do, attend and participate in. Here are some examples: a Super Tuesday returns party followed by debate-night watching and an election night blowout. A picnic and children’s holiday party that exceeded all past attendance levels. Movie nights that filled the McClendon Room. Embassy nights – always a member favorite. Parties for Superbowl games, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras and the Kentucky Derby. Pub quiz and karaoke evenings. A filled-to-capacity ballroom to hear writers from The Onion and also to see a screening of “Body of War” followed by a Q&A with Phil Donahue, an Iraqi war veteran and the film director. Tours were arranged for the Berryman Exhibit at National Archives and the Naval Observatory. Plays written by NPC members were featured. Piano music in the Truman lounge enlivened Mondays in August and drew members to a usually deserted bar that time of year. The committee helped coordinate the National Arts Exhibit for members and employees of the Club.

And all of that – with the exception of the $8 ticket for the children’s holiday party – was produced without asking members for an additional charge. These ideas were creative, eclectic and appealed to various age groups and interests. The committee was led by a longtime Club member and a newish member, and they performed beautifully as a team. I am most grateful for all the time, energy and thoughtfulness they poured into their shared committee leadership this year.

In 1993, the Berny Krug Award was established to honor outstanding volunteerism for our Club. I am so pleased to award the 2008 Berny Krug Award to the Events Committee co-chairs, Frederica Dunn and Joe Enoch.

Joe, now living and working in New York City, was unable to attend the cocktail reception.