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Dramatic photos on display in Press Club lobby through Sept. 29

September 13, 2017 | By Alan Kotok |

2017 NPC members' photo exhibit

2017 NPC members' photo exhibit

Photo/Image: Alan Kotok

Images of conflict, celebration, and solitude are on display in the National Press Club lobby, part of the 18th annual members' photo exhibit that continues through Friday, Sept. 29. The exhibit, displaying both print and electronic images, is the signature event of the Club's Photography Team.

Among the displays are images of conflict, with Ben Barber's photos of Afghan militias in the print exhibit and Skip Kaltenheuser's close-up of a battered prize fighter in the electronic exhibit. Also in the electronic exhibit, Abdelmonem Makki offers an inside look at the traditional Hindu Holi color festival, with participants covered in multi-colored powder. In the print exhibit, Jill Barr captures one of Australia's indigenous people in body paint near the revered and controversial Uluru rock.

Yet the exhibit as well offers glimpses of solitude and contemplation, such as Ken Dalecki's panorama from the American West in the print exhibit, and Steven Ellis' close-up of chess pieces with the New York City skyline in background, found in the electronic exhibit.

Club president Jeffrey Ballou, who helped kick off the event at the exhibit's opening reception on Sept. 6, urges his colleagues in a new blog post to "take a look at the extraordinary work of your fellow members." At the reception, Ballou noted the exhibit and the Photo Team attract broad participation, with this year's exhibit featuring the work of 49 members displaying 174 images.

The electronic exhibit is also available online as a continuous slideshow. Click on any of the images to view the photos one at a time.