National Press Club

Club seeks best consumer journalism work in print, broadcast

February 7, 2018 | By Will Lester |

Some of the toughest competition in the National Press Club journalism contest each year is for consumer journalism.

These awards recognize excellence in reporting on consumer topics, and judges will look more favorably on solution-oriented or strategic-oriented pieces that prompt action by consumers, the community, the government or an individual. These awards are for your best work from 2017.

The categories are for (1) newspapers; (2) periodicals (including magazines, journals, newsletters and online reporting); (3) And broadcast (including network, syndicates, cable and broadcast TV and radio stations).

Entries: A single article or broadcast or a series of related articles or broadcasts that will be judged as a unit. If the entry is a continuing series, no more than five examples should be submitted. Include a letter detailing how the piece or series resulted in action by consumers, the government, the community or an individual.

The winner of each prize gets $750.

The deadline is April 1. Details on the different awards categories and how to enter the contest can be found online.

Entrants are encouraged to enter online, but if you prefer, the Club will accept entries mailed in the traditional way as long as they are postmarked before the deadline. The fee is $50 per entry, but Club members can enter with no charge.

The Club, a national leader among journalism organizations, encourages those with excellent consumer journalism entries to send them in to the contest.

The awards will be presented at an annual awards dinner this summer at the Club.