National Press Club

Board Approves 48 Member Applications

September 23, 2009 | By Myron Belkind, Club secretary |

The Board of Governors approved 48 member applications Monday, bringing the total so far this year to 297, the same number for the same period last year.
The new members are:

Simon Denyer - Thomson Reuters, Washington Bureau Chief; Ian Gerrard - Federal News Service Inc., CEO; John Gizzi - Human Events, Political Editor; Susan Henderson - AP Television, Regional Manager for the Americas; Yuji Nakaya - Kyodo News, Bureau Chief; Mitchell Potter - Toronto Star, Washington Bureau Chief; Hoin Rhee - MBC TV & Radio, Correspondent; Akihiro Shimada - Tokyo-Chunichi Shimbun, American General Bureau Chief
Active Reinstate
Brian Collins - Source Media, Washington Bureau Chief; Askia Muhammad - National Scene News Bureau, Editor
Active Non-Resident
Janet Key - Northwestern University, Professor of Journalism; Danielle Truszkovsky - Self/Freelance, Journalist
Active Non-Resident Reinstate
Sheilah A. Kast - WYPR 88.1 FM, Host, "Maryland Morning with Sheila Kast"
Active 65+
David S. Lamb - L.A. Times/Author, Retired
Active Under 35
Stacy Lynn Kaper - Source Media/American Banker Newspaper, Reporter; Sherouq Sadeqi - Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Bureau Chief
Active Under 35 Reinstate
Tim Starks – CQ, Intelligence Reporter/Staff Writer
Active Under 30
Maite Fernandez – Freelance Journalist; Renee Lynn Frojo - Atlantic Information Services, Assistant Editor; Raymond K. Gustini -National Football Post, Staff Writer; Tim Mak - The National Post, New Majority LLC, Washington, DC Correspondent; Julia Marsh - Yomiuri Shimbun, Correspondent; Benjamin S. Piven - Yomiuri Shimbun, Reporter; Ayesha Rascoe – Reuters, Energy Reporter; Christopher Jordy Yager - The Hill Newspaper, Staff Writer
Provisional Non-Resident
Jackie Spinner - Angel Says: Read, Executive Director
Provisional Under 30
Sean Treanor - Die Zeit/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Freelance Reporter, Research Assistant
Anthony Calkins - Federal News Service Inc., VP, Sales and Marketing; Lindsey Mask - U.S. House of Representatives - Rep. Howard McKeon, Communications Director; Sedelta Verble - US Office of Personnel Management, Director, Office of Communication & Public Liaison
Affiliate Non-Resident
Paul Nash - NashTang & Co., Managing Director/Writer; Kristin Szremski - American Muslims for Palestine, Director of Media & Communications
Clark DeMont - BAE Systems - Electronics, Intelligence & Support, Vice President, Communications; Aaron E. Ellis - American Association of Port Authorities, Communications Director; Damien Enderle - Reznick Group, P.C., National Director, Marketing; Amy Henderson - Smithsonian Institution, National Portrait Gallery, Historian - Writing, Curating; Maimah S. Karmo - Tigerlily Foundation, Executive Director; Kevin Nadolski - Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, Director of Communications
Associate Reinstate
Charles Buki - CZB, LLC, Urban Planning Consultant
Associate Non-Resident
Anthony B. Gray - Gray Communications Inc., President/CEO; Brooke Harlow - Managed Funds Association, E.V.P., Marketing & Communications
Associate Under 35
Mateyo Bonham - XL Associates, Recruiter for OTI; Justin Higginbottom - Tax Foundation, Analyst; Leah Leach – Macfadden, Grants Specialist; Clothilde Le Coz - Reporters Without Borders, Washington Director; Blain Kenneth Rethmeier - American Insurance Association, SVP Public Affairs; Amos Snead - FD Public Affairs, Assistant Vice President/Public Relations
Building Tenant
Cleveland Wilson - XL Associates, Contract Specialist