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Award honors the best in newsletter journalism

March 19, 2014 | By Lisa Friedman |

The law. Environmental regulations. Healthcare. Other areas of special interest. If you’re a journalist whose publication focuses on a particular industry, government agency or issue arena, the Newsletter Journalism Award may be for you.

The $750 prize acknowledges excellence in specialized publications. Past winners have told powerful stories about deaths connected to a contagious staph infection; reported on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to weaken drinking water cleanup standards in the event of a “dirty bomb” attack; and detailed an entire year of Supreme Court decisions, analyzing both high-profile and obscure, complex cases.

To apply, please submit one article or a series of no more than 5 articles on a consistent topic. The deadline to submit entries is April 1, and the contest is open to Press Club members and non-members.

Offering entries is free for NPC members, and costs $50 for non-members. For the first time entries may be submitted online or by the more traditional use of mail. For more information, click here.