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American Legion Post Hears Stories About the Battle of Midway

May 18, 2014 | By Ken Dalecki |

Thomas Hone discusses crucial Battle of Midway.

Thomas Hone discusses crucial Battle of Midway.

Photo/Image: Rex Stucky

Thomas Hone, a retired U.S. Naval War College professor, recounted the U.S. victory in the Battle of Midway that doomed Japan's domination of the Pacific just six months after Pearl Harbor at a meeting of the NPC's American Legion Post 20 on May 15.

Hone said that the Japanese were wrong in thinking they could surprise and cripple American forces because the U.S. had broken its secret codes and the Navy had quickly marshaled its forces.

Longtime NPC member Austin Kiplinger added to Hone's account with personal recollections of his service as a Navy aircraft carrier pilot in the Pacific during World War II. Speaker portions of Post 20 meetings are open to all NPC members.