National Press Club

Amazing Line Up of Authors for NPC Book Fair on Nov. 18

August 28, 2008

The following authors have been accepted and confirmed:
Qanta Ahmed, M.D., In the Land of Invisible Women
Russell Baker presenting Halberstam's The Coldest Winter
Avi Beker, The Chosen
Jacques Berlinerblau, Thumpin' It
Edwin Black, Nazi Nexus
Nina Burleigh. Unholy Business
Thurston Clarke, The Last Campaign
Adam Clymer, Drawing the Line at the Big Ditch
Stephen Coonts, The Assassin
Kenneth Davis, America's Hidden History
Paul Dickson, On This Spot
Michael Dobbs, One Minute to Midnight
Paul Fitzgerald, Will Eisner and PS Magazine
Alan Geoffrion, Broken Trail
Bret Hart, Hitman
Eleanor Herman, Mistress of the Vatican
Ben Jones, Redneck Boy in the Promised Land
Jan King, The Menopause Survival Kit
Gil Klein with the NPC Centennial Book
John “Rick” MacArthur, You Can't Be President
Robert McElvaine, Grand Theft Jesus
Wendell Minor, Abraham Lincoln Comes Home
Vicky Moon, Equestrian Style
Roger Mudd, The Place to Be
James O'Donnell, The Ruin of the Roman Empire
James Orbinski, M.D., An Imperfect Offering
Frank Schaeffer and Kathy Roth-Douquet, How Free People Move Mountains
Len Shapiro and Andy Pollin, The Big Book of Washington Sports Trivia
Ben Shapiro, Brainwashed
Craig Smith, How The Great Pyramid Was Built, Extreme Waves
Congressman Robert Wexler, Fire-Breathing Liberal
Georgetown University table (New Academia Press), Detecting the Bomb, Through Dark Days and White Nights, The Sovietization of Eastern Europe, and Café Bombshell
Neil Connolly, In the Kennedy Kitchen
Barbara Fairchild, Fast and Fresh
José Andrés, Made in Spain
Jose Garces, Latin Evolution
Domenica Marchetti, Big Night In
Harold McGee, On Food and Cooking
Suvir Saran, American Masala