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Small Yoga Stretch Previews Yogathon

August 30, 2010

Yoga’s popularity can be seen in the increasing number of people who schlep their rolled up rubber mats to gyms and studios all over town.

What participants may not consider while striking their downward dog or cobra poses is that they are subtle movements toward the divine in the view of many Hindu practitioners.

Enlightening people on the ancient roots of what has become a mainstream exercise and mediation practice was the idea behind the national Yogathon that kicked off Sunday, Aug. 29, at more than 104 temples, spiritual centers and churches nationwide.

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New Orleans Mayor Blasts BP and Government Failures

August 19, 2010

The Gulf oil spill hammered a region "nine times the size of Washington, D.C. and the government failed to do its job," New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told a packed NPC ballroom crowd Aug. 19.

He ripped BP for its failure for three months to cap its well.

"It finally capped the well," he said, "but I have no confidence in its claim that all the oil has gone. This is a defining moment for the country and New Orleans...the U.S. economy is linked to the Gulf."

Moreover, he said, he believes BP "is poised to cut and run."

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Education Sec'y Sees "Quiet Revolution" in US Schools

July 27, 2010

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Tuesday there is a quiet revolution being driven by educators and administrators “challenging the defeatism and inertia that has trapped generations of children in second-rate schools.”

Duncan, speaking at a National Press Club luncheon, decried schools that are “drop-out factories” and graduate less than half their students. Overall, a quarter of the nation’s students do not graduate from high school -- 1.2 million young people a year, he said.

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Benefits, Questions in Financial Reform, Financial Services Group Chief Says

July 22, 2010

A massive financial reform measure creates new challenges for financial companies, Steve Bartlett, head of the Financial Services Roundtable, said at a July 15 Newsmaker.

The organization represents 100 of the largest integrated financial services companies that provide banking, insurance and investment products consumers.

Bartlett neither endorsed nor opposed the legislation that President Obama signed into law July 21.

Bartlett said there is plenty to like and a good bit to question.

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"Environmental Extremism" Costs Jobs, Mining Executive Contends

July 22, 2010

The United States faces increasing loss of jobs if it continues to impose regulations of dubious merit on the nation's business and industrial sector, Don Blankenship, chairman and CEO of Massey Energy Co., said at a July 22 National Press Club Luncheon.

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NPC Welcomes 43 New Members

July 21, 2010

The Board of Governors approved 43 membership applications July 19. They include David L. Hunke, president and publisher of USA Today, and five representatives of international media.


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NPC 5K Participants Beat the Heat

July 17, 2010

Despite high heat and humidity, the winner of the National Press Club 5K on July 17 nearly set a record.

Gurmessa Kumssa Megers ran the course in 15:34, charging through temperatures headed north of 90 degrees, even at this year’s earlier start time, 8 a.m.

The event drew 759 participants and recorded the highest number of teams in its 13-year history ( Proceeds support training and scholarship programs at the NPC Eric Friedheim National Journalism Library.

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Horton Vows to Make Troops 'Fit to Fight'

July 16, 2010

Obesity in the military has become a national security issue, fitness trainer Tony Horton said at a Club luncheon July 16, describing his work with military leaders to reduce the rate, which has tripled in the past few years.

Horton, who is the marshal for the NPC's 5K race on July 17, discussed his plans to implement a “functional fitness” program in order to improve the health of the military.

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Williams: Discipline, Drive on Court Can Lead to Success in Any Field

July 7, 2010

Venus Williams has won five Wimbledon and two U.S. Open Championships on her way to becoming the third-ranked women’s tennis player in the world. She’s also established a clothing line and an interior design business.

The focus, discipline, drive and confidence that leads to success on the court provide the skills required to win off the court, Williams said at a July 7 NPC Luncheon, where she encouraged young people to participate in athletics.

“Sport will teach you how to compete; how to fight back; how to win,” Williams said. “Sports is the ultimate way to build confidence.”

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Durbin Says For-Profit Colleges Should be Reined In

July 1, 2010

Sen. Richard J. Durbin, D-Ill., called for a check on the unregulated growth and rising costs of for-profit colleges at a Newsmaker press conference June 30. He compared the growth of for-profit educational institutions to the subprime mortgage bubble.

"There is growing concern that we could be looking at a repeat of the subprime mortgage fiasco, with low-income, high-risk students mortgaging their futures – not on overpriced homes this time, but on worthless diplomas," he said.

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