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Library of American Broadcasting to honor Amanpour, Lamb, Nail

September 13, 2011 | By Heather Forsgren Weaver |

The Library of American Broadcasting has named three members of the National Press Club as 2011 Giants of Broadcasting.

The library plans to honor NPC Fourth Estate winners Christiane Amanpour and Brian Lamb, and the late Dawson B “Tack” Nail, a NPC Golden Owl, who died in March, at a luncheon in October in New York.

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TV anchors on 9/11 tell Marvin Kalb their personal stories

September 12, 2011 | By Gil Klein |

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said he had just gotten out of the shower in his home high in a New York City building when he heard the news on the radio that the first plane had hit the World Trade Center. He first thought of an incident in World War II when a bomber accidentally flew into the Empire State Building. He went out on his balcony and could see black smoke billowing from the World Trade Center.

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U.S., EU join forces to fight "pirate fishing"

September 9, 2011 | By Peter Hickman |

U.S. and European Union officials announced at a Sept. 8 Newsmaker that they are joining in a global effort to combat "illegal, unreported and unregistered fishing," or "pirate fishing."

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Administrator Jane Lubchenco and EU Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki, who later in the day signed a joint statement on the effort, said it was first of its kind in the "longstanding partnership" between the United States and the EU on fisheries management.

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Former Austrian finance official calls for fiscal consolidation, growth

September 7, 2011 | By Peter Hickman |

Former Austrian vice chancellor and finance minister Hannes Androsch told a Sept. 6 Newsmaker audience that a "double strategy of fiscal consolidation and growth" is needed to overcome the global financial crisis.

"We need a long-term, double strategy, combining measures to consolidate public finances which are compatible with long-term, sustainable growth," said Androsch, who is now deputy chairman of the Board of the Austrian Financial Markets Participatory Company and chairman of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development.

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Giuliani will decide on presidential run after 9/11 anniversary

September 6, 2011 | By Robert Webb |

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani left the door open for a possible run for the Republican presidential nomination after a hard-hitting speech to a sold-out National Press Club luncheon on Sept. 6.

In the question-and-answer session, he said he wanted to "get by the 9/11 anniversary before deciding."

Asked whether he might endorse Rick Perry, Giuliani said he likes the Texas governor -- who endorsed Giuliani in his 2008 presidential campaign -- but must learn more about him in the days ahead.

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Labor Secretary Solis calls on Congress to create infrastructure bank

August 30, 2011 | By Heather Forsgren Weaver |

Congress needs to develop an infrastructure bank using both private and public funds to invest in roads, bridges and other projects, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis told a National Press Club audience on Aug. 30.

Solis’ appearance came in advance of Labor Day and shortly before an expected speech by President Barack Obama outlining initiatives to create jobs and help lower an unemployment rate consistently above 9 percent.

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New carbon tax could stimulate economy, cut emissions, climatologist claims

August 30, 2011 | By Terry Hill |

A simple solution to two of America’s greatest challenges—global warming and a weak economy—could be achieved by taxing energy-producing companies $10 for each ton of carbon emissions released into the air and giving all the money to legal U.S. residents, climatologist James Hansen told a National Press Club Newsmaker audience on Aug. 29.

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Club members Amanpour, Van Susteren make ‘Most Powerful Women’ list

August 26, 2011 | By Melissa Charbonneau |

National Press Club members Christiane Amanpour and Greta Van Susteren are featured in Forbes Magazine’s 2011 list of “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” Amanpour is ranked number 44 and Van Susteren is number 75.

The Forbes list is comprised of the most influential politicians, media figures, chief excutive officers, cultural icons and entrepreneurs around the globe. Topping the list is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

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Johnson says he remains viable in GOP presidential contest

August 19, 2011 | By Tim Young |

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson may be overlooked in the 2012 Republican presidental nomination race, but he's not counting himself out.

"I'm on the bubble," Johnson said at an Aug. 19 National Press Club luncheon. "Out of 184 candidates declared (to run for president), I'm like ninth in the rankings."

Johnson believes that next year's New Hampshire primary will make or break his campaign. He asserts that a candidate can go from "obscurity" to a major contender overnight with a win in that state.

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Bachmann won’t support debt-limit plan that fails to revamp federal spending

July 29, 2011 | By Terry Hill |

With the hours quickly dwindling before the U.S. House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on raising the national debt limit, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann told a National Press Club audience on July 28 that she would oppose any effort to raise the debt ceiling that did not revamp U.S. spending policies.

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