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Former colleagues pay tribute to Richard Hottelet at Club memorial service

March 22, 2015 | By Connie Lawn |

Great men and women still exist in journalism, but many of the “greatest generation” of the profession are dying out. An reminder of this was the memorial service held at the National Press Club March 21 for the late, great CBS newsman Richard C. Hottelet.

Hottelet was the last of the "Murrow Boys," elite journalists chosen and trained by the legendary Edward R. Murrow. Hottelet died in December at the age of 97.

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Chinese dissident recounts human-rights fight, escape from house arrest

March 22, 2015 | By Joe Motheral |

Listening to foreign radio broadcasts about democracy gave him the inspiration to persevere over death threats, torture and imprisonment and later to escape house arrest in China, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng told a National Press Club Book Rap March 19.

Reading excerpts from his new book “The Barefoot Lawyer,” Chen recounted his remarkable life as a human-rights activist and its tribulations.

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NPC Unites Forces to Free Jason Rezaian

March 12, 2015 | By Ken Dalecki |

The National Press Club organized a renewed effort on March 12, to free Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian from prison in Iran where he has been held without charges under often harsh conditions for nearly eight months.

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Future of Cuba’s Environment and Environmental Film Festival in DC

March 10, 2015 | By Michael Balli |

Marine biologist Dr. David Guggenheim unveiled a plan to use Cuba’s coral reefs as a living laboratory and create a blueprint for how to protect coral reefs in the rest of the Caribbean at a National Press Club Newsmaker program on March 10.

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Sanders on Fence for 2016 Presidential Bid

March 9, 2015 | By Justin Duckham |

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told a luncheon audience at the National Press Club on Monday that he has not yet decided whether to run for President in 2016, explaining that his potential candidacy hinges on a number of logistical concerns, particularly his ability to fundraise.

“It ain’t an easy task,” Sanders said. “I don’t want to do this thing unless I can do it well.”

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Masculine Stereotypes film "The Mask You Live In" Screened at Club

March 8, 2015 | By Sean Lyngaas |

The National Press Club on March 6 hosted a screening of a documentary exploring the societal effects of masculine stereotypes, and a panel discussion with the film’s director, Jennifer Siebel Newsom. A diverse young crowd filled the Holeman Lounge to take in the “The Mask You Live In,” which tackles the question of what it means to be a boy and then a man in a today’s culture of ubiquitous media. The club’s Young Members Committee sponsored the event.

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Preserving the Phoenician heritage of Tyre against threats in the Middle East

March 1, 2015 | By Connie Lawn and Charles Sneiderman |

Representatives of the American Committee for Tyre, at a press conference at the National Press Club on February 27, 2015, appealed for urgent protection of the archaeological sites, historical treasures, and works of art in this city, a UNESCO World Heritage site in modern day Lebanon.

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Book rap highlights triumph of black female journalists over discrimination

February 26, 2015 | By Eleanor Herman |

The double discrimination faced by female African-American journalists in the Civil Rights years was the subject of a February 25 Book Rap at the National Press Club.

The panel featured Carol Booker, editor of Alone Atop the Hill: The Autobiography of Alice Dunnigan, Pioneer of the National Black Press, and James McGrath Morris, author of Eye on the Struggle: Ethel Payne, the First Lady of the Black Press.

“The Washington press corps was lily white,'' McGrath Morris said. ``Politicians refused to speak to Ethel. Every door that she wanted opened was slammed in her face.”

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First-ever District Country rocks NPC ballroom

February 25, 2015 | By Christopher Hamrick |

The National Press Club delivered its first-ever District Country live on Saturday, Feb. 21. NPC members, music fans, and locals alike came out to see rising Nashville stars Love and Theft, The Cadillac Three, Trailer Choir, and Tom Dixon.

In spite of a wicked snowstorm that started early Saturday morning, a hardy group of country music fans were able to make it through the snow to see some incredible acts in an intimate venue. One family even traveled all the way from Pennsylvania and spent the night Friday, to be sure to be first-in-line for a look at the bands.

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Enter your best broadcast, print breaking news coverage in Club awards contest

February 19, 2015 | By Will Lester |

Breaking news is one of the most important assignments journalists have, and the National Press Club wants to recognize the very best work in both broadcast and for print/online stories.

Entries will be judged for quality of reporting, speed and innovation. Particular attention will be given to reporting in the first 24 hours and the use of a variety of formats to reach news consumers.

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