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National Press Club hosts Feb. 14 panel to assess repression of expression in Mideast

February 2, 2012 | By John Donnelly |

The NPC's Press Freedom Committee hosts a panel to examine the latest Mideast trends on repression of expression on Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 9:30am in the National Press Club’s Fourth Estate Restaurant.

More than a year ago, uprisings in several Mideast countries triggered what has come to be called the Arab Spring. But when it comes to freedom of the press and the Internet, it has been a chilling period in many parts of the region. Reporters and citizens have been spied on, beaten, imprisoned and even killed merely for telling the truth about what is happening in their countries.

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Attorney details backlash against photojournalists

January 26, 2012 | By John M. Donnelly |

A “perfect storm” of repression has raged against photojournalists in the United States in recent years, according to an accomplished news photographer who has become an attorney representing his former colleagues.

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National Press Club condemns assault on press in Ecuador

January 13, 2012 | By John M. Donnelly |

National Press Club President Mark Hamrick expressed outrage Friday about the president of Ecuador’s systematic and relentless attacks on the press.

Angry over a piece that was critical of him, the Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa has won court rulings-- under questionable circumstances-- that could result in the shuttering of one of Latin America’s most esteemed newspapers and the imprisonment of its journalists.

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Club plea for imprisoned Ethiopian journalist published in New York Review of Books

January 4, 2012 | By John Hughes |

National Press Club President Mark Hamrick joined with other journalism leaders to urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to take action against Ethiopia for imprisoning a journalist.

Hamrick is one of five people who signed a letter published in the current issue of The New York Review of Books on behalf of Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega.

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National Press Club calls on India to investigate attacks on reporters

November 28, 2011 | By John Donnelly |

The National Press Club called on Nov. 28 for the Indian government to investigate charges that reporters were beaten in Indian-controlled Kashmir and to prevent such attacks from happening again.

The Associated Press reported that four journalists were beaten while covering a protest in that region on Nov. 25. One of them, Umar Meraj, an AP cameraman, said he was attacked with rifle butts, batons, fists and kicks. The AP said local journalists and non-governmental organizations have repeatedly reported harassment and assaults by police in the territory.

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Club event spotlights dangerous assignments

November 17, 2011 | By John M. Donnelly |

Among the many perilous countries where journalists work, Mexico and Pakistan stand out as particularly daunting, a panel of experts said Thursday at the National Press Club.

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Reporting from journalism danger zones Mexico, Pakistan, panel Nov. 17

November 13, 2011 | By John M. Donnelly |

Two of the most dangerous countries in the world for working journalists, Mexico and Pakistan, will be scrutinized in a panel discussion at the National Press Club at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 17 in the First Amendment Lounge.
"The Danger of Knowing" panel, co-sponsored by NPC, Reporters Without Borders and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, will explore how Mexico and Pakistan,though different in location and circumstances, share the dubious distinction of being harrowing places for journalists to work, while events in both places demand coverage more than in most nations.

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National Press Club urges administration to reconsider Freedom of Information Act revision

October 25, 2011 | By John M. Donnelly |

The National Press Club expressed concern on Oct. 24 about a proposed new Freedom of Information Act rule that appears to require the government to deny the existence of certain documents even when that is not true.

Federal agencies have long been able to withhold from public disclosure under the law certain categories of information, including data that pertains to ongoing criminal investigations or that is classified.

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Obama Administration not delivering on its promise of open government, journalists say

October 4, 2011 | By John Hughes |

President Barack Obama’s administration has failed to deliver on its promise of ``an unprecedented level of openness in government,’’ when it comes to information about science, a panel of journalists said Monday.

At a forum titled ``Access Denied: Science News and Government Transparency,’’ the journalists urged the administration to provide better access to experts, respond faster to information requests and be more transparent about the reasons for failing to answer questions.

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Press Club Urges Mexico to Bring Killers of Journalists to Justice

October 3, 2011 | By John Donnelly |

The National Press Club on Monday called on authorities in Mexico to vigorously prosecute the murders and disappearances of journalists there.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least 30 reporters have been killed or gone missing since 2006 in a nation plagued by drug-related violence that affects all its citizens.

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