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Update-1 Reaches 100 Episodes

January 30, 2018

Update-1 Reaches 100 Episodes

In October, 2013 the first Update-1 podcast was published. Since then it has been an integral part of the National Press Club, giving a voice to issues pertaining to press freedom, journalism and communication. Now, a little more than four years later, we're celebrating our 100th episode.

IN this edition Broadcast/Podcast Committee co-vice chairs Mike Hempen and Adam Konowe look back at ten podcasts that exemplify what Update-1 has become. Since the beginning of Update-1, committee members often have come up with the podcast topic, researched the subject, booked the guest and conducted the interview. In some instances committee members have arranged to have an NPC event recorded and then edited the audio into a podcast they hosted.

Thanks to the guests and the many Broadcast/Podcast Committee members who made the first 100 episodes possible. The journey to the next 100 has begun.

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