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Social Media Series Part 3 -- The Use Of Images

January 20, 2016

Social Media Series Part 3 -- The Use Of Images

In part 3 of the National Press Club’s series on social media, NPC member Shannon Fisher leads us through a roundtable discussion of the use of images in social media. Her guests are Director of Media Entrepreneurship at American University Amy Eisman, Managing Editor of American University’s Investigative Reporting Workshop Lynne Perri, and American University Professor of Communication Scott R. Talan, who specializes in public and strategic communication.

The panelists discuss our growing visual culture and the effectiveness of certain types of graphics across various social media platforms. Listeners will benefit from this seasoned advice about getting the most from their images, as well as strategies journalists can apply to each social media platform. From tips on design and content to ways to make an image go viral, this podcast gives valuable advice for navigating a world in which posts must catch readers’ attention in a split-second glance.

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