National Press Club

The National Press Club Journalism Institute plays a vital role in the journalism and public affairs community by encouraging civic dialogue, promoting standards of excellence in the profession and supporting the efforts of the next generation of journalists. You can participate and help us with this important work by making a tax-deductible contribution today!


The National Press Club Journalism Institute would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donations:

Helen Bernstein
Don Black
Simeon & Carol Booker
Betti Brown
Ross Chomiak
Barbara Cochran
Claudette Cox
Robert Daley
Laura Faul
Karen Fawcett
Elliot Feldman
Jonah Gitlitz
Matt Gryta
Jane Simpson Hahn
Mark Hamrick
Marvin Kalb
Frank Kane
Kathy Kiely
Pamela Killian Fox
Gil Klein
Katherine Lewis
Craig Lewis
Arline Jolles Lotman
Jim Low
Tyler Marshall
Bill McCloskey
Patrick McGrath
Bob Moore
Benjamin Palumbo
Albano Ponte
Larry Quinn
Mary Raitt
MaryAnn Rayner
Dolores Redfearn
Janet Rogozinski
Jannie Roher
John Seidenberg
Beverly Simmons
Rob Stoddard
Marguerite Sullivan
Rupert Welch