National Press Club

National Press Club Journalism Institute

A Beacon for Press Freedom

The National Press Club Journalism Institute promotes a transparent global society through an independent and free press, and equips journalists with modern tools to inspire civic engagement and inform the public.

This non-profit affiliate of the National Press Club, based in Washington, DC, serves as a beacon for journalistic credibility and integrity around the world. The Institute also provides innovative, practical training to journalists and communications professionals. It offers a broad range of professional development programs focusing on high standards, ethical conduct and best practices in a rapidly changing media environment.

In addition, the Institute:

  • Strives to shine a light on barriers to press freedom in the U.S. and abroad and works to leverage the National Press Club’s unique presence and resources to highlight global press freedom issues.
  • Offers a competitive scholarship program that promotes diversity and supports dozens of bright young journalists at journalism schools nationwide.
  • Administers the National Press Club’s prestigious awards that recognize professional journalists who have produced outstanding work for the public, either independently or as employees of editorially independent news organizations.

The Institute is supported by individuals, foundations, corporations and support from the National Press Club through a portion of member dues. Institute programs are produced independent of direct corporate funding.