National Press Club

Suzanna Cohen Legacy Foundation

Suzanna Cohen Legacy Foundation

October 15, 2018 6:00 PM

Location: First Amendment Lounge

The Suzanna Cohen Legacy Foundation collects, preserves, publishes, and teaches the life stories of men and women who marshaled exemplary resilience in the face of forced displacement, and honors the bravery and generosity of those who provided compassion and assistance to refugees, exiles, and persecuted peoples.
At its October 15, 2018 launch event at the National Press Club, the Foundation presents leading Holocaust speakers such as New York Times bestselling historian Edwin Black, author of IBM and Holocaust, acclaimed writer Fariborz Mokhtari, author of In The Lion's Shadow, and Sarah Stern of EMET who will speak on the precious legacy of the Shoah.
Third Generation singer-songwriter Rachel Black will perform her hit haunting ballad “Edyka.”
Highlight of the evening will be the release of the Foundation’s first major book, Six Thousand Miles to Home, by award-winning novelist Kim Dana Kupperman, whose critically acclaimed novel captures the heroic story of Suzanna Cohen’s survival.

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