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The Path Forward for Restoring Democracy in Egypt

The Path Forward for Restoring Democracy in Egypt

January 27, 2015 12:00 PM

Location: Ballroom

“The Path Forward for Restoring Democracy in Egypt” Panel at the National Press Club
Organized by the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy

(Washington DC 1/26/2014) - The Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy announced that it will hold a panel discussion titled “The Path Forward for Restoring Democracy in Egypt” featuring the speaker of the Egyptian Parliament in Exile and the prominent exiled Egyptian opposition leaders.

Following the brutal murder this weekend of peaceful democracy activist Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh, shot in the back with birdshot by security forces, and seventeen others, Egyptians and the international community are mobilizing increasingly in favor of human rights, dignity, and a restoration of democracy in Egypt. These latest killings and the latest human rights reports on Egypt paint a gloomy picture. U.S. ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission Keith Harper recently said that Egypt had violated “freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly and association [and] deprived thousands of Egyptians of fair trial guarantees.”

A delegation of the leaders of Egypt’s parliament in exile and representatives of Egyptian opposition groups are visiting Washington to engage with policymakers, congress, think tanks, academics, other Egypt stakeholders, and the general public to discuss pathways forward to ending Egypt's political impasse. This is the opposition’s first visit of this kind to Washington. These prominent leaders—some of whom are linked to political parties and some of whom are independent—are here to give their assessment of the current situation and offer views on how to put the country back on track toward a true democratic transition with good governance and respect for human rights.

What: Forum “The Path Forward for Restoring Democracy in Egypt”
When: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 from 12 to 2 p.m.
Where: The National Press Club Ballroom, Washington DC

Confirmed speakers speakers include Dr. Sarwat Nefei, Speaker of the Parliament in Exile, Dr. Maha Azzam, head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (the leading, broad opposition coalition), Dr. Gamal Heshmat, Deputy of the Parliament in Exile, Dr. Abdul Mawgood Dardery, former Chair of the 2012 Egyptian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, and Judge Waleed Sharabi, Secretary General of the Revolutionary Council and removed from his post as judge by an August 14, 2014 declaration by General Sisi.

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Contacts: William Lawrence, CSID Director of MENA Programs, (617) 605-7774, and Mongi Dhaouadi, CSID Senior Program Officer, (860) 514-8038,

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