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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May 14, 2015 9:30 AM

Location: First Amendment Lounge

National Dog Bite Week Kickoff, Thurs. May 14 9:30 a.m. First Amendment Lounge

More than 5,700 letter carriers were attacked last year, but that pales in comparison to the 4.5 million Americans victimized by dogs annually —nearly half of which are children. The Postal Service, the medical community, veterinarians and the insurance industry are working together to educate the public on this nationwide issue by declaring May 17-23 as National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

“There’s a myth we often hear at the Postal Service: Don’t worry, my dog won’t bite,” said Postal Service Manager of Safety Linda DeCarlo. “Dog attacks are a nationwide issue and not just a postal problem. Any dog can bite and all attacks are preventable through responsible pet ownership.”

At Thursday’s 9:30 a.m. press conference in the First Amendment Lounge, letter carriers and small children victimized by dogs will recount their experiences. The event also features pit bull therapy dog Elle, the American Humane Association’s 2013 Hero Dog of the Year. Veterinarians and representatives of the medical community will provide tips on dog attack prevention and responsible pet ownership. Representatives from the insurance industry will highlight homeowner costs associated with of dog bite claims and homeowner liability. Internationally renowned dog trainer, author, and television personality Victoria Stilwell and Kelly Voigt, a dog attack victim, will join Elle and her handler Leah Brewer in a dog safety demonstration with the children.

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