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Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition Endorses President Donald Trump

Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition Endorses President Donald Trump

December 11, 2018 1:00 PM

Location: Zenger Room

CONTACT :RABIA KAZAN 1-347-259-4860


An international coalition of Women’s Rights activists will host a high profile Speakers’ Forum and News Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on December 11 to raise awareness about barbaric abuse of women and child brides under Sharia Law, and to express their unwavering support for President Donald Trump, who champions their cause.

“We are bringing women from all across the country and all over the world to raise our unified voices in support of President Donald Trump,” said coalition president Rabia Kazan. “President Obama created ISIS and encouraged Sharia Law throughout the Middle East, and for eight years he turned a deaf ear to our cries. Finally, there is hope for us because of President Trump. He is changing the game. He is the only one fighting for us, and for our human rights.”

The Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition wants to reform the barbaric practices of child marriages, genital mutilations, honor killings and dress code restrictions by initiating a cultural and religious revolution throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They believe that only President Trump has both the will and the international stature to do that.

The Press Club gathering will feature female anti-abuse crusaders from America as well as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Libya and Kurdistan – all countries that allow or endorse Sharia Law. The stellar panel of prominent women speakers, many of whom at one time risked their lives to escape from oppressive conditions in their own native countries, includes:
Aynas Anni Cyrus : (Iranian-American) Women's Rights Activist ( She was a child bride, she rebelled, she was in jail and raped in Iran) , she escaped to America .
Adele Nazarian:(Iranian-American) Writer, filmmaker, Middle East expert and human rights advocate;
Arian Lev: (Israeli) Human rights Activist and best-selling Author.
Ola Hawatmeh: (Lebanese-American) women’s rights activist against arrange marriages and fashion designer, founder of Ola Style; Vice president of the MEWC.
Nahren Anweya: (Assyrian-American) activist for persecuted Christians .
Marilyn Matrisciana, (American)Ordained Christian minister who spent 35 years in Middle Eastern countries, co-founder of Servant Group International;
Chiman Zebari, (Kurdish -American) author and activist against honor killings, as well as a Director of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition.
Uzma Hayat: (Pakistani-American) Activist/Writer/Middle Eastern Expert
Magda Odendaal: (South African Activist) PHD: Psychology/Activist for Genital Mutilat
Mina Attaran (Iranian -American) Women's rights Activist, Middle Eastern Expert.
Soat Tebrizi (Persian- American) Women's Rights Activist/PHD psycho therapist
Eva Hasqueal, (Iraqi-American) human rights activist and Middle East expert, also a Director of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition; and
Sonya Elizabeth: (Libyan - American) Women's Rights Activist.
Rabia Kazan, (Turkish) best selling author , journalist and women’s rights activist
against child marriage, also President of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition.
Kazan is the acclaimed author of The Angels of Tehran, a bold expose of legalized prostitution in Iran under the guise of temporary wed leases. She has received numerous death threats from outraged Islamists as a result.
“These courageous women will be telling their own personal stories,” said Kazan. “Their stories are real, gripping, and painful as each one has experienced horrific abuse in some way, either in their own personal lives or in what they saw happen to their loved ones. Each one will share her testimony about women and little girls who have been subjected to forced child marriages, genital mutilation, honor killings and horrific abuse, perhaps even by fathers and brothers. You will leave better understanding the dilemma of women hopelessly trapped in the slavery and degradation that exists under Sharia Law, and why this has to change.” ,“Donald Trump knows that systemic abuse of helpless women is real and pervasive. He is the only one willing to rescue us.” Kazan continued.

The Speakers Forum and News Conference for Media Professionals will be held in the Zenger Room at the National Press Club on Tuesday, December 11, from 1 until 4pm.
A separate conference event will be held the following morning, also featuring some of the same women as speakers, on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, December 12, from 9:30 a.m. until 12 noon in Room HVC201-AB of the US Capitol Building.
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Capital Hill event: " Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition to End Child Marriages "

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