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Walter Cronkite IV & Maurice Isserman "Cronkite's War: His World War II Letters Home"

Walter Cronkite IV & Maurice Isserman "Cronkite's War: His World War II Letters Home"

June 4, 2013 6:30 PM

Location: Conference Rooms

Walter Cronkite IV and Maurice Isserman will discuss and sign copies of their new book "Cronkite's War: His World War II Letters Home."

In December 1942, Walter Cronkite, a newly minted, 26-year-old United Press war correspondent, was sent to Europe to cover World War ll. He would not be reunited with his wife, Betsy, for nearly three years. In hundreds of letters he wrote to Betsy between 1943 and 1945 — sometimes five a day — Cronkite chronicled his war experiences, his observations of life in wartime Europe and his longing for her.

In "Cronkite's War: His World War ll Letters Home," Walter and Betsy’s grandson Walter Cronkite lV and historian Maurice Isserman use this personal, heartfelt correspondence along with selections from Cronkite’s wartime dispatches to create a compelling narrative of war and love.

Cronkite’s wartime adventures took him from the landing grounds of North Africa and bombing raids over occupied Europe to crash landing a glider in Holland behind enemy lines with the 101st Airborne, surviving the bombing of Eindhoven by the Luftwaffe and filing dispatches on the Battle of the Bulge. These and many other stories chronicled in "Cronkite's War" provide revealing insights into the man who was the defining voice of “the greatest generation” and who became America’s foremost television anchorman.

WALTER CRONKITE IV is an associate producer with CBS News.

MAURICE ISSERMAN is the Publius Virgilius Rogers Professor of History at Hamilton College.

This event is a fundraiser for the National Press Club Journalism Institute.

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