National Press Club

Camera Crews
Capturing high quality video of your event for use on television or on the web is easy and cost-effective at the National Press Club. Our experienced staff at the Broadcast Operations Center can provide you a crew to help you grab some B-roll or plan a multi-camera production.

In today's changing media environment, more information is conveyed over the internet than any other medium. Our webcasting service allows clients to have their message heard outside a crowded room of attendees to a global audience on demand.

Video Conferencing
The National Press Club Broadcast Operations Center specializes in multiplatform videoconferencing packages. Having reached six (6) continents for various clients thus far, we offer the flexibility to deliver the best available channel of communication between your clients and audience.

Studio Services
The National Press Club Broadcast Operations Center is a full-service multimedia and production studio offering video production solutions, and studio and editing facilities in a comfortable, convenient downtown location. We pride ourselves in combining our unique facilities, experience and creativity in capturing and communicating your message.