National Press Club

The National Press Club and Sustainability

The National Press Club works to continually improve the sustainability of its operation. As a good corporate citizen the club works to minimize its impact on its surroundings and enjoys the financial benefits of operating a more efficient business. These are our most important achievements:

Use of Renewable Resources
NPC Announces Major Environmental Initiative

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In Fall 2007 we began purchasing Green-e certified wind energy equivalent to 100% of our annual demand. Working with GoodEnergy and Sterling Planet, we have sourced wind from the national grid. This commitment, in terms of percentage of annual demand and in terms of raw volume, earns the club membership in EPA's Green Power Leadership Club.

When we needed to replace a badly damaged oak parquet floor in 2005 we chose to replace it with bamboo. Bamboo has not only a beautiful grain, but is essentially a weed, and therefore an endlessly renewable resource. We also would have had to refinish the floor each year if it was an oak floor but we have not had to refinish it as of 2009, so we have avoided the impact of five refinishings.

Our office papers are of 50% recycled content. Dyson AirBlade hand dryers were installed in August 2007 to reduce our dependence on approximately 250,000 paper towels each year and to reduce the environmental impacts of use the raw material and the output of solid waste. While we do keep roll-type paper towels in the rest rooms we use 100% recycled product and recycle the waste.

Our private label wine bottles, provided by our vintner Rutherford, are not only disposed in a responsible manner, but produced in one as well. These private label wine bottles are made with Eco Series glass produced by Saint-Gobain. The bottles are lighter in weight, slightly smaller in diameter and produced with recycled materials. The design and production mean less energy consumption in transportation and fewer raw materials are used in manufacturing. In addition to the bottles, the corks are all Acquamark natural corks instead of synthetic closures. Natural corks are a recyclable, renewable resource.


We have for many years been a heavy recycler, capturing essentially all of our glass, aluminum, plastic, paper and cardboard for reuse.

Downstream Water Quality

We use environmentally safe chemicals in our ware washing. These chemicals are transported in concentrated form, saving the cost of transporting the water solution, reducing the associated carbon load. Effective July 2010, will use Green Seal certified chemicals in our housekeeping operation.