National Press Club

Reader Schedule

The schedule of Club members and journalists who will read is:

  • 7a-8a: John Hughes, Bloomberg (President of the National Press Club)

  • 8a-9a: John Donnelly, CQ, (Chair of NPC Press Freedom Committee)

  • 9a-9:30a: Noel St. John, NPC Photography and Press Freedom Committees

  • 9:30a-10a: Sam Stein, The Huffington Post

  • 10a-10:30a: Adam Konowe, Vice Chair of NPC Broadcast Committee

  • 10:30-11a: Douglas Jehl, The Washington Post

  • 11a-11:30a: Margaux Ewen, Reporters Without Borders

  • 11:30-12p: Sarah Kauffman, The Washington Post

  • 12p-1p: Thomas Burr, Salt Lake Tribune, NPC Vice President

  • 1p-2p: Derek Wallbank, Bloomberg

  • 2p-2:30p: Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian

  • 2:30-3p: Rem Reider, USA Today

  • 3p-3:30p: Anna Miller, US News and World Report

  • 3:30p-4p: Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan, The Washington Post

  • 4p-4:30p: Nikki Schwab, Daily Mail Online

  • 4:30p-5:30p: Jay Solomon, The Wall Street Journal

  • 5:30p-6p: Michael Lindenberger, Dallas Morning News

  • 6p-6:30p: Irv Chapman, Bloomberg

  • 6:30p-7p: Bonnie Benwick The Washington Post

  • 7p-8p: Rachel Oswald, CQ, vice chair of NPC Press Freedom Committee

  • 8p-9p: Tyler Crowe, Co-Chair, NPC International Correspondents Committee

  • 9p-9:30p: Angela Greiling Keane, Bloomberg, former NPC president

  • 9:30-10p: Erik Wemple, The Washington Post

  • 10p-11p: Joe Morton, Omaha World Herald, NPC secretary

  • 11p-12a: Glenn Marcus, NPC Press Freedom Committee

  • 12a-1a: Julia Pyper, Greentch Media, Co-Chair, NPC Young Members Committee

  • 1a-2a: Glenn Marcus, NPC Press Freedom Committee

  • 2a-4a: Bill McCarren, Executive Director, National Press Club

  • 4a-5a: Aaron Davis, The Washington Post

  • 5a-7a: Ferdous Al-Faruque, Gray Sheet

Conclusion with John Hughes, President of the National Press Club

Photo: Martin Baron/The Washington Post

Free Jason Rezaian

Update: Jason Rezaian has been released.

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Video from the July 22 Press Conference: