National Press Club

  • Democracy in Central America
    Democracy in Central America

    October 15, 1987

    The Salvadoran president discusses the struggle to establish and consolidate constitutional democracy in El Salvador and the role of U.S. support.

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  • Gay Rights Movement
    Gay Rights Movement

    October 10, 1987

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  • Gore: Foreign Policy
    Gore: Foreign Policy

    October 6, 1987

    Senator Gore's speech on national defense and foreign policy is made during his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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  • People, Press & Politics: Electorate Makeup
    People, Press & Politics: Electorate Makeup

    September 30, 1987

    The chairman of Times-Mirror discusses "The People, the Press and Politics," a Gallup poll commissioned by his company. The largest poll ever taken by Gallup surveyed the American political landscape in terms of political, social, and religious values.

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  • Postal Service
    Postal Service

    September 30, 1987

    The postmaster general talked about U.S. Postal Service issues and responded to questions.

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  • Banking Regulation
    Banking Regulation

    September 28, 1987

    The chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee discusses proposed financial legislation. Included is a bill to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act, which limits the involvement of banks in securities underwriting. The legislation addresses the falling share of mortgages handled by banks and savings and loans. A second…

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  • Congressional Speech
    Congressional Speech

    September 24, 1987

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  • Korean Ruler Speech
    Korean Ruler Speech

    September 15, 1987

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  • Ambassador Speech
    Ambassador Speech

    September 11, 1987

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  • Prime Minister Speech
    Prime Minister Speech

    September 10, 1987

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