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  • U.S.-East German Relations
    U.S.-East German Relations

    May 5, 1988

    The chairman of East Germany's Committee for Foreign Affairs discusses his country's foreign policy, which includes calling for a nuclear-free zone in Europe. Mr. Axen also discusses U.S. economic claims against the German Democratic Republic. Mr. Axen, who was in the country to meet with Secretary of State Shultz, is…

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  • International Trade
    International Trade

    May 3, 1988

    The first Conservative prime minister of Finland since World War II speaks in favor of international free trade. He also discusses the effects on international trade of the U.S. trade and budget deficits.

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  • Do the Media Elect the President?
    Do the Media Elect the President?

    April 26, 1988

    The panel was part of a series of seminars co-sponsored by the National Press Club and the Smithsonian Institution. The full title was "Does the Media Elect the President? Candidates and the Press." Monroe was the moderator. One topic discussed by the panel was the media's inattention to substantive issues…

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  • Soviet Defense, Society & Economy
    Soviet Defense, Society & Economy

    April 25, 1988

    The former U.N. ambassador discusses the deterioration of the Soviet economy and quotes new statistics showing a greater percentage of Soviet GNP going to the military than had been thought. Noting that Soviet arms continue to flow to Afghanistan and Nicaragua, Kirkpatrick recommends proceeding carefully in building a relationship with…

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  • Child Care
    Child Care

    April 21, 1988

    The labor secretary highlights the recommendations of a child care task force she formed in January 1988. The task force looked at the roles of business, unions, and federal, state, and local governments.

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  • Airline Safety
    Airline Safety

    April 18, 1988

    The chairman of the President's Commission on Aviation Safety discusses the commission's recently released report. The report concludes that the nation's air transportation system is safe, for now, and gives 15 recommendations. Mr. Albertine points to the most important recommendations as being: more frequent unannounced safety inspections, better equipment for…

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  • International Finance & Economic Relations
    International Finance & Economic Relations

    April 14, 1988

    The West German equivalent of the Federal Reserve Board Chairman discusses international economic and monetary policy from a German point of view. His concerns include the lowered value of the dollar and West Germany's trade imbalance with the U.S.

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  • Situation After Black Monday
    Situation After Black Monday

    April 5, 1988

    The chairman of AMEX discusses conditions that caused the October 1987 stock market crash and proposed solutions. He notes that conditions such as the deficit are still present and that proposed technological and regulatory solutions have not yet been enacted. Mr. Levitt was recently appointed to a presidental committee that…

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  • Proposals for Restructuring American Schools
    Proposals for Restructuring American Schools

    March 31, 1988

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  • Outcome Robertson Libel Suit
    Outcome Robertson Libel Suit

    March 29, 1988

    The former congressman discusses the outcome of a libel suit against him by Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson.

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