National Press Club

  • Stock Market Regulation
    Stock Market Regulation

    November 23, 1987

    The chairman of the Securities & Exchange Commission discusses the SEC agenda. Included are the need for regulatory changes in response to the October 1987 stock market crash; the role of SEC regulation if the Glass-Steagall Act is repealed or modified so that banks can engage in securities underwriting; internationalization…

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  • Birth Defects
    Birth Defects

    November 18, 1987

    The 1988 national chairwoman of the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation announces the organization's health care initiatives during its 50th anniversary year.

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  • U.S.-Nicaragua Relations
    U.S.-Nicaragua Relations

    November 12, 1987

    The Nicaraguan president recalls a positive visit with President Carter in 1979 and expresses his desire to have talks with President Reagan.

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  • U.S.-Soviet Arms Control
    U.S.-Soviet Arms Control

    November 12, 1987

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  • Trade Deficit
    Trade Deficit

    November 10, 1987

    In his first major policy address since becoming Secretary of Commerce, Verity discusses the foreign trade deficit.

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  • Swiss Banking Practices
    Swiss Banking Practices

    November 10, 1987

    Swiss banking practices are discussed in terms of law enforcement and jurisdiction.

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  • Presidential Candidate Interviews
    Presidential Candidate Interviews

    November 3, 1987

    The journalist discusses his series of interviews with presidential candidates and past presidents.

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  • Paul Campaign Speech
    Paul Campaign Speech

    October 30, 1987

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  • Economic Development on Indian Reservations
    Economic Development on Indian Reservations

    October 27, 1987

    The leader of the largest Indian tribe in the U.S. discusses his plan to increase employment and private sector development on the Navajo reservation. Unemployment averages 30 to 50 percent and annual per capita income is less than 2,500 dollars among the Navajo.

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  • Haig: U.S. Economy
    Haig: U.S. Economy

    October 22, 1987

    The candidate for the Republican presidential nomination delivers a campaign speech on the state of the U.S. economy.

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